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Serving our ​community with excellence through family centered, home based occupational & speech​ therapy services.


Therapy for kids in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Why we believe in home based therapy

Home based therapy occurs in the child's natural environment, using the natural materials you have in your home.  Family centered means we involve caregivers and family members in all our sessions.

We believe in creating a partnership with the family-one where the child's plan of care is guided by the family's values, goals, and priorities.  This approach allows families to chart their own path- integrating therapy into the child's daily routines and the family's cultural traditions.

We empower parents to implement the same strategies & methods we use so the parent can carry over in the home, leading to greater long term success.

We'll walk hand-in-hand with you on this journey of being a special needs family.  We're ready to meet you where you're at and make progress in areas which are important to both the parent and child.

A holistic way to achieve developmental milestones.

Occupational and Speech therapists evaluate the child as a whole.  This means addressing the underlying issues contributing to developmental delays caused by developmental disabilities, acquired injuries, & neurological conditions.  

Developmental delays affect performance of academic skills, ability to learn, social skills, & self-care skills.

Based on the results of standardized assessments, we determine mutually relevant goals which are important to the parent, child, and therapist.  These goals will structure our plan of care and guide the treatment plan.

Treatment plans are built using a child's occupation.  A child's only "occupation" is to play, learn, and be social with others.  During treatment sessions we use targeted tasks and play activities to facilitate achievement of milestones in key areas of development .

Our mission & values:


How we achieve our mission:

Through excellence & service.


We live out our values by continually going above and beyond for our clients, advocating for them in every environment possible, and encouraging a healthy strive for achievement.  We primarily work with Medicaid clients and provide many low cost and free ancillary support services to the families we serve.


Our mission:

Our mission is to challenge the standard of pediatric home based therapy in South Florida so all children in our community have access to exceptional therapy services- whether from our company or competitor companies who aspire to rise to our standard.



261 N. University Drive

Suite 500-26

Plantation, FL 33324



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