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About Us

Dedicated Pediatric Therapy

Our mission is to challenge the standard of pediatric home health in South Florida so that all children in our community have access to exceptional therapy services.

We specialize in home based services because we recognize it's not easy to bring your child to a therapy clinic while juggling all the responsibilities of being a special needs parent.  We serve you by coming into your home to work with your child in their natural environment.  We understand your family's needs and unique challenges.


Dedicated Pediatric Therapy was established in 2018, with our initial focus being occupational therapy provided in homes throughout Broward County. In 2019, we expanded services to include Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. In 2020, we added our speech therapy program.  In 2023 and beyond we are continuing to expand our services based on the needs of our community.


All of our therapists are licensed by their respective state regulatory boards for their type of therapy, as well are CPR/first aid certified. In addition they all have completed level 2 background checks with the State of Florida.

Our values include excellence & service.

Our value of excellence is reflected in our therapists continually going above & beyond for our kids- whether it's advocating for them at school IEP meetings, writing letters of medical necessity for adaptive equipment & splints, or providing caregiver education.  We strive to develop long term relationships with our families to serve them through all stages of development.

Our value of service is reflected in the populations we serve.  Our business is 99% Medicaid kids.  We target this population of kids because most other therapy clinics do not take Medicaid, and inevitably these kids are left behind.  We also offer a low-cost developmental screening program to local daycares & preschools, sponsor community events, donate school supplies to all our families each year, and host monthly social gatherings for our families to make connections and find support amongst others with similar needs.

The PEO Model

One of the practice models we use often is called the PEO model. 

It's an interdependent model which addresses:
The person-
meaning child and family- including their unique strengths and addressing the areas for improvement. 
The environment- meaning their home and surrounding community. 
Their occupations- meaning the daily tasks they need and want to do- play, school, and self-care. 

In the home, we're able to address all 3 of these factors using meaningful and intrinsically motivating therapy activities.
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